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My name is Elsa. I am an artist and student at an elite university. I enjoy creating art, the mountains, running, building websites, producing documentary films and meeting new people. I have worked on a permaculture farm in Sweden, and studied the art of zen in a buddhist monastery. I am full of wonder and delight. I am excited to meet you very soon!

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  • Age 22
  • Bust/Waist/Hip 32DD 25 33
  • Height 5'3
  • Weight 115 lbs.
  • Nationality


  • Monday 9a-4a
  • Tuesday 9a-4a
  • Wednesday 9a-4a
  • Thursday 9a-4a
  • Friday 9a-4a
  • Saturday 9a-4a
  • Sunday 9a-4a
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