A fully legal escort service in Denver

Denverladies provides fully legal escort services. You can book Denver escorts from our models page being in any country, it is completely legal. You will not have any fear of breaking any type of law with

Our address in Denver, Co

Our Denver, Co premise is used for the day to day activities of running our escort services, but you can’t visit us without a prior appointment or booking. You should book one of our escorts before a day or two for incall as we as for outcall..If you book a model for incall, then only, she will be available at our premises for services..

Taxes & invoices

We are paying taxes just like any other escort service company does. Our escorts are not on payroll but also are not completely independent. It is a system that is called – ‘Opting-in’ which is very suitable for this industry buy is not commonly used. Our female escorts are independent enough to take a call on who, where and what etc. But we take care of all admin works such as paying her taxes etc. Their income is subjected to personal income tax & care insurance premium. We provide their monthly and annual statements. The rate, which you will pay, includes all these taxes. In case if you want to give a tip to one of our Denver escorts, this will remain between you & the escort only. We or any tax authorities, have nothing to do with it. You will receive an invoice with each booking, it can be provided within 10 -12 days after your booking. However, you must keep in mind that booking of an escort is almost your private expense and not a tax deductible-business expense at all.

Age requirements

Colorado law is being currently changing in respect to the legal age of working as an escort. It is changing from 18 years to 21 years. At, all models and clients must be at least 21 years old.

Illegal activities while bookings

As clearly mentioned on our site; our Denver escorts only offer ‘safe sex’, which essentially includes safe oral-sex. It is completely illegal to ask for unsafe sex of any kind or to offer it. We will never entertain a discussion on this topic and nor our escort will. If you ask it on phone, then we will terminate your phone call but if you ask this from the escort, then she will definitely terminate your booking.

Some types of softdrugs as well as Alcohol are legal in Denver, Co and most of our Denver escorts will not have a problem for consuming either. They can also join you for a glass of wine /champagne. But Use of hard drugs is completely illegal. Please keep away from using them while your booking.  If you are under the influence of illegal drugs or large amounts of alcohol, then your booking can be terminated.

So, for what you are waiting for? Give us a call for booking one of our escorts at (720)570-9000 and enjoy 100% legal escort services..