Use of drugs during a meeting with a high class escort

Inspite of our strict rule of ‘no drugs policy’, every now & then our clients use so many drugs during the bookings. According to our T & C, the escort is entirely free to cancel the booking if she finds that client used drugs, without refund. Despite of having this rule, not all our escorts terminate the booking, but it is highly depends on escort to escort, how client behaves and the type of drugs they are using. High class escorts that can never tolerate any kind of drugs during their bookings, already have listed ‘drugs’ as a dislike in their profiles.

We are discussing here some types of drugs that clients generally use when spending time with one of our escorts:


Alcohol is considered to be a type of drug. It may be socially more acceptable but it will not change the fact it is a drug only. We see no problems in consumption of few drinks, infact most of our high class escorts are also light drinkers. They will enjoy knowing you over a peg of champagne or wine. 1 or 2 drinks can make you relaxed, loosen you up a bit & may even work as aphrodisiac. On the other hand, heavy drinking is definitely not okay. Inhibitions will lost when you have so much alcohol, and you will lose your ability to understand things. It may lead you to pushing or crossing limits of the escort. Therefore our Denver escorts will ask you to keep away from additional alcohol if she feels you have had enough & can cancel the booking if you drink heavily. And you should always keep in mind that Alcohol can make your mood for sex, but ultimately your performance will decrease. You will not able to maintain an erection & reach orgasm.


Cannabis is legal in many countries. You may purchase & smoke it without breaking any rule. But it does not mean you should, when you are with one of our Denver escorts. It smells terrible, the escort can take her fresh outfit to the cleaners, as well as her coat & anything else that been in the same room. There may be chances that, the hotel authorities will kick you out, if you smoke cannabis in their room, for the same reason. If you are an experienced user and knows exactly what & how much to consume, we strongly recommend keep yourself away from cannabis before as well as during your booking. Smoked clients are the worst type of clients as described by our escorts.


XTC and MDMA are the drugs that our escorts will never complain about when the clients use it. This is mostly because they usually can’t tell if you have had any. You can consume it prior to the booking without being noticed by her. If you are XTC experienced, it will make you feel happy, energetic, cuddly, social, like you are in love, talkative & with less inhibition. GHB is ok in light doses but it has risk of losing consciousness & black-outs, this drug is not at all tolerated by our escorts.


The most commonly used drug among our clients is cocaine and almost all our high class escorts dislike it.

Speed, LSD, methadon, heroine and other hard drugs

Use of all above drugs is also not tolerated by our Denver escorts before or during your booking. Our escorts will immediately cancel the booking without any refund.